Service Center

Adhering to the corporate mission of "helping customers build an ideal factory", Tongtian has created a service that "exceeds customer expectations and industry standards" with swift response speed, professional technical level and caring service attitude, and created value for customers wholeheartedly.

Contact Information of Service Center:

Tel:+86 0523-82956658 +86 13812391108
Fax:+86 0523-82956669

  • Whole plant engineering

    High-quality equipment, perfect service, and strong turnkey service capabilities of the whole plant help customers achieve efficient operation of equipment, technological innovation and upgrade, and win-win together with customers.

  • Field Service

    Adapting measures to local conditions and providing customers with personalized and considerate service is the consistent pursuit of the same day. Tongtian Engineering Center has a professional and outstanding engineering design, installation and commissioning team to ensure the smooth implementation of the project.

  • After sales support

    With the expansion of the global market, Tongtian relies on six domestic and overseas service centers to provide timely technical support and after-sales service to global customers, and escort the development of customer business.

  • Spare parts

    Think about what users think and what users are anxious. Tongtian cares about the operation of customers' factories, and spares no effort to ensure the stable operation of their equipment, and provide spare parts support in time.

Service Commitment
  • Service goal

    Through standardized, differentiated, and value-added services, we help customers improve efficiency, reduce costs, improve customer profitability and product value, create the same-day service brand competitiveness, and lead the industry service trend.

  • Quick response

    Tongtian meets customer needs in the shortest time with a complete service platform and fast response mechanism. After receiving the buyer's notice, respond within 8 hours. If you need to go to the site for handling, under normal circumstances, within 24 hours in the province, 48 hours outside the province, and 72 hours in remote areas to the user site for troubleshooting. If within the warranty period, troubleshoot, repair or replace parts (except for man-made damage) free of charge. After the expiration of the warranty period, help troubleshoot, repair or replace parts. When parts need to be purchased, costs will be charged as appropriate.

  • Active inspection

    Engineers arrive at the customer's factory from time to time to inspect the equipment, grasp the operating status of the equipment, and help the customer design solutions.

  • Service Support
    Maintenance plan

    Pay attention to product safety and conduct standardized maintenance of equipment to keep equipment in good operating condition and avoid unnecessary risks. The same day will customize personalized maintenance plans for customers based on different on-site conditions and methods, and regularly implement preventive maintenance measures to optimize costs and maintain sustainable and stable equipment operation.


    The same day service engineer provides customers with technical consultation and on-site troubleshooting and troubleshooting around the clock. In response to difficult problems, experts are organized to diagnose the cause of the failure, and global remote services can be realized through the remote operation and maintenance system. We will respond quickly to each of your service needs and deal with them in time.

    Spare parts management package

    For each customer's on-site equipment model, according to the differences in the versatility and customization of spare parts and the impact of component problems on equipment operation, three-level spare parts inventory management is implemented: factory inventory of common parts, customer inventory of customized parts, and suppliers of important parts in stock. Through predictive inventory preparation, we can proactively prepare spare parts for equipment maintenance and repair, and minimize unexpected downtime. Tongtian will devote itself to helping each customer make reasonable spare parts inventory planning.

    Diagnose report

    The same day service engineer participates in the customer's production and equipment maintenance process in stages, carefully studies the operating quality and existing problems of the customer's equipment, evaluates the equipment objectively and neutrally, and provides reasonable and detailed analysis reports and optimization suggestions.

    Technology upgrade

    With the continuous innovation and development of equipment, as well as the application of new technologies and new functions, Tongtian will help you keep up with the pace of equipment technological innovation, and strive to keep your equipment up-to-date, so as to achieve higher efficiency and lower energy consumption. Claim.

    Remote Operation and Maintenance
    Remote maintenance

    Through the mutual cooperation between equipment technology, sensor technology, software and real-time communication technology, an integrated management of equipment between the user's factory and the same day is formed.

    IT solutions

    The operation monitoring module is responsible for real-time monitoring of the entire line of data, and also monitors the status of each single device. Through the monitoring screen, you can understand some important parameters of each equipment: production speed, production quantity, operating status, production parameters and the loss of some equipment. You can also view the real-time alarm of the equipment to quickly grasp the operation status of the single equipment and conduct concentration. Management and reasonable allocation of resources.

    Training System
    Tongtian is committed to providing customers with comprehensive personnel and technical training programs, through training to ensure the correct
    operation of on-site personnel, improve maintenance quality and troubleshooting capabilities, minimize downtime, and improve equipment efficiency.
    Training plan: Our company conducts on-site training to ensure that the buyer's operators have the ability to operate and use the equipment, and to analyze and deal with common failures; to ensure that the maintenance personnel are aware of the daily maintenance and maintenance, so that the maintenance personnel can understand the mechanical structure of the equipment and the electrical control System structure, important control points and troubleshooting methods.
    Online and on-site training Personalized technical training Evaluation and solution Training Services Personalized technical training

    "Customized training" through the same day training engineers and factory managers Determine accurate and personalized training content to ensure on-site operation classes The team's skills are rapidly improved.

    Evaluation and solution

    Tongtian is committed to providing customers with comprehensive solutions to help customers improve High personnel technical ability is the goal, and experienced service workers are arranged irregularly The engineer inspects the customer site, evaluates the technical ability of the personnel, and Evaluate and formulate solutions (training) plans.