Robot palletizer
Robot palletizer

Robot automatic cartoning. After the products are transported to a fixed position in a fixed manner, the robot will automatically complete the product packing according to the set arrangement and packaging form. Carton supply device The carton is delivered to the packing station by the automatic carton opening machine. The carton output device sends a signal after the robot has packed the carton to deliver the packed products to the designated location.
Ø The touch screen operation is adopted to realize man-machine dialogue, which can display the production speed, the cause and location of the failure, and the degree of automation is high. Using PLC programmable programming, the product's sorting and stacking layers, pallet supply and discharge can be programmed to control.
Ø Adopt Schneider PLC and touch screen (10 inches)
Ø Pneumatic components and cylinders produced by Japanese SMC are adopted, with reliable quality and performance.
Ø The safety door and cover are equipped with electrical induction devices. When the cover door is opened, the machine stops working, which can protect personnel.
Ø The adjustment of the stacking method is convenient and simple, and can be performed on the touch screen.
Ø Stable and efficient stacking can greatly save manpower.
Ø The product supply system is controlled by a brake motor to ensure that the product is delivered at a preset position.
Low noise, in line with Chinese international standards, the noise is below 75db.