Composite bag volumetric filling machine
Composite bag volumetric filling machine

The compound bag filling machine is mainly suitable for filling various compound bags with sticky, non-sticky, corrosive and non-corrosive liquids. It is suitable for filling in small sizes below 1L, small packages of 1L-5L, and medium packages of 5L-20L. Using volumetric metering, the composite bag is manually stuck on the bayonet, and then the lid is automatically removed, filled, and pressed.
It has the following salient features:
Accurate measurement, stable work, low failure rate.
 High and low double-speed filling to avoid overflow.
Can realize automatic pull-out, automatic capping after filling
 The humanized control system has specific intelligent protection functions, which automatically alarms and displays the cause of the failure in case of failure to ensure safe production.
Using belt conveyor line makes the conveying process more stable.