TZ50 weighing filling machine (explosion-proof type)
TZ50 weighing filling machine (explosion-proof type)

TZ50 is a filling machine produced by the introduction of international advanced technology. It is an integrated product of machine, electricity, instrument and gas that integrates electronic weighing and measurement and electronic display. It is widely used in various kinds of vegetable oil, lubricants, chemical liquids, etc. Quantitative filling of medium and large barrels of viscous, non-sticky, corrosive and non-corrosive liquids.

Configuration and performance

    1. It adopts American METTLER TOLEDO explosion-proof load cell, with high accuracy, less than 0.3% error, and stable performance.
    2. The batching instrument adopts the American METTLER TOLEDO explosion-proof instrument, which is reliable in quality.
    3. The solenoid valve adopts Taiwan Airtac explosion-proof solenoid valve.
    4. Use explosion-proof electric control cabinet.
    5. The electronic display is a fluorescent display with high brightness. It uses a light-touch membrane keyboard and uses durable resin materials that can resist physical and chemical damage.
    6. The main pneumatic components are all imported products.
    7. Set the filling volume freely, and adjust the volume only need to set the meter, which is convenient and quick.
    8. It can be automatically peeled to realize net weight filling or gross weight filling, and has the function of automatic correction and supplement.