Power spiral roller conveyor line & bottle clamp conveyor line
Power spiral roller conveyor line & bottle clamp conveyor line

Power screw conveyor line
The power screw conveyor line and spiral roller conveyor line produced by our company are widely used in carton conveying, turnover box conveying and other products. The support column of the spiral roller conveyor line and the side column are connected spirally from top to bottom. For support, rollers are installed on the roller support via the connecting block, and guardrail rollers are installed on both sides of the rollers. The rollers and guardrail rollers form a spiral conveying roller, forming a spiral conveying line as a whole.
The utility model of the spiral roller conveyor line has a compact and reasonable structure, large space utilization rate, and convenient operation. The conveyor line is in a spiral state, and items fall freely on the conveyor line. The operation is stable, the labor intensity is low, and the work is safe and reliable.
Spiral roller conveyor lines are also suitable for continuous conveying, storage, sorting, assembly and other occasions of various objects, such as electromechanical, electromechanical, automobile, household appliances, light industry, chemical, food, logistics and other industries.

The main parameters:
1. Power: SEW;
2. Chain plate: PUM anti-skid chain plate;
3. Main body: carbon steel sprayed plastic;
4. Power: 4.5KW
5. Size: 2100*2200 (the height can be adjusted)
6. Weight: 2.5T