Sleeve labeling machine         
Sleeve labeling machine         

Sleeve labeling machine
Exclusively designed reciprocating cutter, combined with mechanical steel body, smooth movement and doubled the tool life. Simple positioning of the central guide post makes it easier to change specifications and convenient for operators. The machine type is the first to be driven by a DC brushless motor with a synchronous belt bottle, and the mechanism design method is easy to maintain. The man-machine interface is simple to operate, only the first-class brand is adopted, which is stable and practical. All kinds of motors are equipped with European standard configuration, and European standard can be provided according to customer needs. The high-profile series of electric eyes have accurate signals and more accurate judgments. All series of main body safety protection frame, super intimate design. VR knob design, one-hand adjustment of production speed, simple and convenient, wide application range, suitable for shrink film packaging of various shapes and materials (such as food, beverages, cleaning supplies, medicines, wine bottles, etc.) Plastic bottles, glass bottles, PVC, PET, PS, iron cans and other containers) can be fully connected to the production line. Empty bottles or filled can be packaged and used, free of labor, fully automatic, fast packaging, and save a lot of labor costs. Forced direct nesting method: The positioning is neat, accurate and fast, and the powerful engineering design team can make non-standard changes for the special requirements of customers at any time.
Main performance characteristics:
1. Multiple bottle type selection: It can meet the bottle mouth and bottle labeling requirements of round, square and oval bottles.
2. Automatic positioning and high precision: fully mechanical transmission design, forced sleeve label can use various 0.030mm thickness shrink film, saving a lot of raw material costs.
3. It is suitable for stepless adjustment of the inner diameter of the film material within the range of 3'-10'.
4. Human-machine dialogue LCD touch screen: Chinese text display, convenient and intuitive operation.
5. Automatic feeding controlled by electric eye.
6. The PLC control system ensures that the movement and speed of the whole machine are orderly and adjustable, and the performance is stable.
7. Electric heating. The temperature of the steam shrinking furnace is uniform and stable, and the shrinking effect is outstanding (the adjustable range of heating is 100-600℃ suitable for shrinking films of various materials)
8. Screw conveying positioning mechanism: to realize accurate feeding and positioning of containers and bottles of various shapes and specifications.
Nine, tool-free adjustment, faster to change materials of different specifications.
10. Consumables have low maintenance cost (disposable blades) and easy to replace.
11. Highly stable mechanical structure (aluminum alloy rigid frame is stable and does not rust), exquisite and beautiful in shape, simple and generous structural components, and simple maintenance.